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STEM Power offers free virtual tutoring to K-12 students in all parts of the world. Tutoring sessions are conducted on online platforms such as Zoom and Google Meets. Once an individual completes the application to become a student (linked below), the individual will then be sent an email pairing him/her with a tutor. The tutor will then reach out via email with possible dates for a first session. Students are then responsible for communicating with their tutor to establish additional sessions. 


Our organization offers tutoring in both honors and AP STEM courses as well as in standardized test preparation. We also provide tutoring to help students improve their English grammar, vocabulary, and conversational skills.


For a comprehensive list of the subjects we offer, please visit the application by clicking the button below. 

Click Below to Request Tutoring

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Student Testimonials

“I can't tell you how happy I am to be your tutee. I participated in such an organization before, and none of the tutors put the effort you put and even prepared a curriculum for me. I will stick to this plan and am pretty sure that I will see a huge difference...before we started our tutorings and after that. You are a great tutor, and I truly appreciate your hard work and thank you, you are seriously incredible.” -Dila

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