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Meet The Team

Get to know the team that makes

the mission of STEM Power possible. 

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Founder and President

Anne Sacks

Anne is a rising sophomore at Duke University who is passionate about synthesizing new resources and teaching methodologies to help students of all backgrounds. Anne first discovered her love of teaching in middle school, where she often tutored students in geometry and physics. Anne is dedicated to creating welcoming spaces for students, connecting them with resources and positive role models. Through her work as an ESOL teacher and leader in STEM Power, Anne is always finding new ways to challenge students and help them find joy in learning. In her free time, Anne enjoys playing the piano and spending time with her friends and family. 


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Director of Programming

Ever since he was a kid, Minh had a love for crafting new inventions and experimenting with technology. In high school, Minh created a website where he published his computer analytics projects . After recognizing the educational inequalities present in his high school, Minh made it his mission to promote STEM amongst underserved communities. In his spare time, Minh enjoys reading Indian cook books and listening to music.



Director of Tutoring | Director of Communications and Marketing

Alexa is a rising junior from sunny California. As the vice president of her high school’s ballroom club and the event coordinator for her school’s PAWS Club (Providing for Animals Without Shelter), she is experienced in leadership and outreach. Alexa is also a tutor at her local library, where she seeks to make a difference in the lives of younger students in her community. Alexa joined STEM Power after realizing the important role that tutoring plays in engaging students in STEM. In her spare time, Alexa likes to code and is especially interested in web design and development.



Director of Graphic Design | Director of Communications and Marketing

Abigail is a rising junior from California who is passionate about serving the young people in her community. In the summer of 2019, Abigail taught at a math camp and volunteered at local schools to help teachers prepare for the school year. Presently, she is a Mandarin instructor at her local church, where she assists students with analyzing text and reviewing sentence structure. Abigail is also an active member of her school’s key club, where she has accumulated over 60 service hours. Abigail’s dedication to helping others has led her to join STEM Power, where she hopes to inspire girls all across the country in STEM. Abigail has been an avid ballet and contemporary dancer since she was six years old.



Director of Recruitment

Radha is a high school student from California. Last year, Radha was a WEB leader and commissioner for her school, organizing events to promote school-spirit and fostering a collaborative community. Additionally, she is an active member of her student council, where she leads school-wide presentations on upcoming events and school topics. Using her knowledge of machine learning to serve her community, Radha also designed an app along with her team that tracked expiration dates in order to reduce food waste. As one of the winners of the Superposition IV Hackathon, Radha hopes to use her experience with app design to inspire others to make an impact through STEM. Radha also enjoys playing classical violin. 



Director of Communications and Marketing

Yuri is a rising junior from New York. She is the co-founder of a nonprofit called Carefully Packaged and is a member of the main committee for an organization known as YCPT (Youth Community Project Team). Yuri has a wide range of experiences engaging with students, from working as a tutor and after-school counselor to helping manage students at Teen Site, a platform dedicated to empowering young voices. Yuri became a part of STEM Power after noticing the lack of STEM opportunities in her own high school. Through STEM Power, Yuri hopes to give other students in the community access to STEM resources. In her free time, Yuri likes to draw digital art, code, and learn new programming languages.

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