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Welcome to STEM Power

STEM Power is a nonprofit initiative that provides free online tutoring and academic resources to students to enhance their knowledge in STEM subjects. With more than 170 students and a team of 180 tutors, our organization is experienced in helping students achieve their academic goals.

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What we do


STEM Power has a team of volunteer tutors that conduct one-on-one online lessons with students to address their academic needs. All of our tutors have achieved a high level of academic excellence and are very eager to teach students. We serve K-12 students that study in a variety of countries from around the world, including Turkey, India, Spain, and Georgia.

About us

Online education of children. Girl schoo

STEM Power is a COVID-19 initiative that was founded to help students after learning in the classrooms switched to online learning. Our organization aims to provide students with the individualized attention and support they need to excel in their classes despite the learning difficulties created by virtual learning. The academic skills that our students gain will not only help them in their courses but in their future careers. 

Contact us


If you have any questions, comments, or concerns regarding STEM Power, please reach out to us at the email below. If you would like to become a student or volunteer as a tutor, please visit the “request tutoring” and the “apply” page, respectively. If you would like to partner with our organization, feel free to contact us.

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