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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the weekly time requirement to be a tutor?

There is no weekly time requirement to become a tutor! We recommend that tutors be able to dedicate at least 45 minutes of lesson time for each student per week. The amount of time that STEM Power tutors spend teaching one student each week ranges from 45 minutes to 2 hours.

How do tutors schedule lessons with students?

Tutors will be sent an email with the contact information of the student with whom they have been paired. The tutor is then responsible for scheduling lessons with the student via email (or other approved messaging services). Lessons can be held at any time of day that is convenient for both parties. We suggest that tutors set up a weekly meeting time (e.g., Sunday at 12 p.m. EST) with their students. 

How many students does a tutor work with?

Tutors indicate the number of students they would like to work with on the tutoring application. To provide quality tutoring services, we pair tutors with only one or two students (unless the tutor requests more students). Tutoring lessons are one-on-one, so tutors must schedule separate sessions for each student. Tutors can hold office hours for multiple students. 

How long is a tutor expected to work with a student?

Tutors work with a student until the student would like to end lessons. Tutors can always contact our team to pair the student with another tutor if they are unable to continue teaching. Tutors who are interested in tutoring after their student finishes sessions are welcome to request another student.

Who can become a tutor?

Anyone who is in middle school or above can become a tutor! With tutors from countries such as Great Britain, Albania, Turkey, and India, STEM Power welcomes tutors from all over the globe. Applicants do not need to have prior tutoring experience to become a tutor. Whether they learned through taking a course or self-studying the material, tutors should be knowledgeable in the subjects they request to tutor.

Can tutors earn volunteer hours?

All tutors can earn volunteer hours! Tutors should log the date and length of time of their sessions on a spreadsheet. To receive their hours, tutors should send us their spreadsheet along with a form or contact address that we can use to validate their hours.

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