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The Benefits of Tutoring

By Anne Sacks

Tutoring has a wide range of benefits for students. Many public schools have class sizes of up to 30 students, meaning the attention and support each student receives is limited. Teachers in these large classes may not have time to answer all the questions a student may have or work personally with the student when confusion arises. With tutoring, students are free to ask as many questions as needed to understand the topic. With only one student, tutors learn about the strengths and weaknesses of the student and can create lessons and supplemental resources that fit individual needs. With this additional support, students can develop both confidence and a strong foundation in their studies. As students grow their academic abilities with tutoring, they will find their schoolwork easier and can devote more time to their friends and extracurricular activities.

Additionally, tutoring can help students learn about new subjects that aren’t offered in their school or grade. Tutors can also assist students in preparing for academic competitions, exams, and standardized tests. Students don’t need to feel stressed or anxious that they aren’t getting the support they need if they have tutoring. Since many tutoring companies offer tutoring at expensive rates, it is important that you consider other tutoring options. STEM Power offers one-to-one tutoring for students at no cost. Simply sign up today for this free service.

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